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Kristen Colwart

A Bit About Me

I am a freshman pursuing a Music Business degree at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I have participated in several musicals, such as Sister Act, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Into the Woods. My hope for my professional future is to expand my technical and business knowledge to

become a music producer.

About My Major

What is it?

  • Music Business is a concentration in the School of Music & the Performing Arts at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The major focuses on the inclusion of hands-on experience for the production, marketing, and management in the music industry. 

Fun Facts?

  • It is the fastest growing major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The last course a student takes in this major is a provided internship with trained professionals and businesses in Lafayette and the surrounding Acadiana area.

What are career opportunities?

  • Career options with this major include, but are not limited to, Talent Management, Publicists, Directors, Publishers, Music/Performance Teacher, and Producers.

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